Norges Bank increases its stake in Sacyr to 3.5%

  • The Nordic bank entered the construction company for the first time in 2009
  • Demetrio Carceller remains the main shareholder of the company

Bank of Norway has raised its stake in Sacyr to 3.56%, from the 2.9% it currently held, with which again exceeds the 3% level in the capital of the construction and concessions group.

The entity has, both directly and indirectly, a total of 20.7 million titles of the group chaired by Manuel Manrique, as recorded in the records of the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV).

Specifically, Norges Bank holds 9.4 million Sacyr shares, representing 1.62% of its capital, directly, and another 11.30 million (1.94%) indirectly, through financial instruments.

In this way, the bank reinforces its commitment to Sacyr, a company in which entered in september 2019, coinciding with the refocusing that the group has made to its strategy to focus its growth on the expansion of its concession business outside of Spain.

Currently, Sacyr’s main reference partners are Demetrius Jaceller which, in syndication with the Canarian firm Satocan, adds a 14.5% stake; the co-founder and former president of the group José Manuel Loureda, with 8.25%, and the businessman Jose Moreno Carter, with another 8.18%.

Also in the capital of the construction company are the Fuertes food group with a percentage of 6.31%, the president of the company with 1.41%, and institutional investors like Norges Bank with 3.05%.