Plátano de Canarias reinvents itself: it allies with Glovo through neighborhood greengrocers

It will allow more than 5,000 businesses to operate through the application, thus expanding their radius of action.

Plátano de Canarias reinvents itself: it allies with Glovo through neighborhood greengrocers

After fighting so as not to lose European aid, now Plátano de Canarias has launched a new channel for the sale of fruit and vegetables at home called ‘La frutería de tu barrio de Plátano de Canarias’ through an agreement signed with the Glovo digital home delivery platform.

The agreement allows, on the one hand, that traditional greengrocers enter delivery and adapt their business to the new consumption habits of the Spanish; on the other, that users buy all kinds of fruit and vegetables offered by neighborhood greengrocers in their city and receive it, quickly, conveniently and easily, at their home (always within the same town).

Plátano de Canarias is the first fruit and vegetable sector that opens directly to the canal delivery -immediate home delivery- and it does so by launching a sales tool created specifically for traditional fruit and vegetable businesses.

“The agreement of Plátano de Canarias with Glovo, will allow more than 5,000 businesses -Currently members of the Banana Fruit Club of the Canary Islands- operate through the application by expanding thus its radius of action and increasing its capacity to attract new clients ”, they point out in a statement.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, selling through delivery apps has been, on many occasions, a relief for businesses, and Glovo has established itself as a leader in the sector delivery, after capitalizing a large part of the growth registered by the channel in recent months.

Until now, businesses found many inconveniences to launch themselves to offer their products on home delivery platforms. Thanks to the enabling of the channel, Spanish greengrocers will now find an easier way to access this new sales channel, adapted to their business conditions.

Local momentum

“The project represents an impulse for the traditional channel of greengrocers and the Spanish local commerce. The atomization of communication channels and changes in consumer habits -in times of pandemic- make it necessary for us to innovate and adapt to the new needs of a customer, who is more demanding every day, ”says Domingo Martín Ortega, president of Asprocan.

For his part, Diego Nouet, CEO of Glovo, assures that “in recent months and, as a result of the crisis caused by Covid-19, support for small businesses has been one of Glovo’s priorities. This new alliance with Plátano de Canarias only reinforces our entire plan to continue adding value and allowing traditional neighborhood stores to enter the digital channel ”.