Roldán will not renew as head of the AEB presidency next year

“Now a different period is opening that it is good that it is approached by a different team”, has pointed out the president of the banking association.

José María Roldán, president of the Spanish Banking Association (AEB).

Jose Maria Roldan, president of the Spanish Banking Association (AEB), will not renew at the head of the banking association next year, when it will be eight years since his landing in the presidency. At least, those are plans, as he has communicated in a press conference.

“Eight years in the presidency is enough for the organization. This is how I understand it. We have done a lot of AEB things, but now a different period is opening that it is good that it is approached by a different team“, Roldán pointed out after the celebration of the general assembly of the AEB.

Roldán became president of the banking association in April 2014, after having served as general director of Regulation and Financial Stability of the Bank of Spain and a member of its executive council for thirteen years. In 2018 he was reelected by the AEB general assembly and next year it should go through that process again, although this Tuesday it has advanced that it is not among its plans.

“Nobody misses the phone booths”

In another vein, Roldán has justified the process of reduction of bank branches that is taking place in the sector, which leads to thousands of layoffs, such as the more than 8,000 that CaixaBank will execute, as it became known today.

We cannot fall into neo-ludism, no one misses the phone booths. What we have to ver is where demand is evolving, which is more digital and cash is used less ”, pointed out the representative of the bank.

As he has stated, “Spain still has more branches on average than the European Union, twice, if not a little more.” “Nobody talks about 9,000 offices closed in Germany. It is a natural process as our clients use more and more digital media.“, He pointed out about the“ very deep ”technological change that banking is experiencing.

In relation to the massive layoffs, Roldán has pointed out that one of the most positive things he has achieved during his presidency is “social peace”, given that the banking agreement with the unions has just been signed.