Sánchez praises the work of the Spanish pharmaceutical companies that participate in the production of anti-Covid vaccines

The President of the Government has referred to Rovi, Reig Jofre and Insud Pharma.

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez.

In his appearance this Wednesday in the plenary session of Congress, the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, praised the Spanish pharmaceutical companies that are participating in the manufacture of vaccines against Covid-19. “It’s a source of pride for everyone”, has said.

Specifically, he has referred to Rovi, Reig Jofre and Insud Pharma. Regarding the first, the President of the Government has indicated that “the company has installed a production line at its plant in San Sebastián de los Reyes for the production of millions of doses of Moderna’s vaccine”.

For his part, Reig Jofre “reached an agreement with Janssen for the manufacture of its antigen, which has yet to be approved.” It should be remembered that the company has already sent the authorization request for its Covid vaccine to the European Medicines Agency.

In the words of Sánchez, “Reig Jofre’s production capacity is 250 million doses per year and they could start manufacturing before summer”.

Insud Pharma will also participate in the manufacture of one of the vaccines against Covid: that of AstraZeneca and Oxford. “The company is going to carry out part of the international production of the antigen developed by AstraZeneca and Oxford. Since February is in charge of filling and packaging”, added Sánchez.


The President of the Government has also given figures on the doses of the different vaccines against Covid-19 approved and in development that Spain has acquired. “The Council of Ministers has authorized the purchase of 136 million doses, a figure higher than the Spanish population”, he said.

Specifically, Spain will receive 52 million doses from Pfizer-Biontech, more than 31 million from AstraZeneca, more than 8 million from Moderna, 21 million from Janssen and around 23.5 million doses from Curevac”.

Spanish science

And he has not only had words of thanks for the Spanish pharmaceutical industry. The President of the Government has also praised the work of Spanish science. “We can feel proud of our research,” he said.

According to the figures provided by Sánchez in his speech, “the CDTI has financed 11 projects in Spain. The objective is to develop capacities to produce vaccines against Covid in both Spanish and international projects. In total, 9.98 million euros have been mobilized, of which 4.72 million are provided by the CDTI in the form of a grant.

In this sense, the president has continued his intervention analyzing the 12 projects that Spanish science is developing on new vaccines against Covid, “three of which are coordinated by the CSIC”.

Ten of these projects “have received funding of 7.8 million from the Ministry of Science,” Sánchez detailed. In addition, these works have already developed a vaccine prototype and are conducting preclinical trials to determine the validity of the vaccines. “There are 5 very promising jobs financed by public institutions”.

“Ultimately -added Pedro Sánchez-, vaccine projects that fill us with hope, optimism and pride by Spanish business and science”.