Sanitas creates a platform to share your anonymized medical data

The process of requesting this data is subject to evaluation by the company.

Sanitas central building in Madrid.

Sanitas has launched its open data initiative, Sanitas Data4Good, in order to contribute to the scientific community and society by offering your data anonymized to facilitate its study. The first available are those related to Covid-19.

The company has attended to more than 32,400 patients throughout these months. Of them, more than 6,300 have needed to be admitted, both in their own centers and also in their concerted centers.

“We want to contribute to study and development of treatments against the virus to overcome this situation as soon as possible”, says Iñaki Peralta, CEO of Sanitas. “A very relevant amount of data on Covid is already available to researchers.”

In the data contained in this first project of Sanitas Data4Good, interested persons or institutions will find indications about treatments and medications administered, data on vital signs, as well as laboratory and diagnostic results.

In addition, this information is complemented with data sopen pathologies or previous illnesses of the patients that the doctors have noted down during admission. The profile of patients affected by the virus is completed with demographic data.

Anonymized and secure data

The patient data made available to society by Sanitas Data4Good is secure and anonymized, thus avoiding the identification of any individual. The process of requesting these open data is subject to evaluation by Sanitas. Thus, the persons or entities interested in studying the Sanitas Data4Good data, after requesting the transfer of the data on the project website, will have to pass the evaluation of a Sanitas data use committee, which will authorize or not , the transfer of these.