Savia turns two years old with 260,000 registered users and 300,000 annual queries

A doctor checking his mobile.

Savia, Mapfre’s digital health services platform, has celebrated its second anniversary with more than 260,000 registered users and a total of 300,000 annual queries received, as reported by the insurance group.

The most demanded services in the app have been the video consultation, the medical chat and the symptom evaluator, highlighting the use of general medicine and the specialties of gynecology, nutrition, pediatrics and psychology.

The company has highlighted the role of Savia during confinement, making available to citizens a free consultation service against the appearance of possible symptoms associated with Covid-19 and other health-related issues.

As a result, more than 90,000 people trusted Savia to solve their health questions during the health crisis, making more than 2,000 daily queries related to Covid-19 and other health issues, totaling nearly 120,000.

The platform added more than 50,000 new users during the health crisis period between the months of March, April and May. In addition, according to a study carried out by the platform, users place Savia among the top 10 most used digital health applications in Spain.

A doctor checking his mobile.