Soccer player Marcos Llorente enters the beverage sector as a partner of MIWI Real Drinks

It is the first brand of kombucha manufactured in Spain without sugar or artificial ingredients.

The footballer Marcos Llorente lands in the beverage sector as a partner of MIWI Real Drinks

The midfielder from Madrid for Atlético de Madrid and the Spanish national team, Mark Llorente, lands in the beverage sector 100% sugar free with its entry as a partner of MIWI Real Drinks, as reported by the company in a statement.

Specifically, MIWI Real Drinks, startup of spanish drinks, is the first brand of kombucha manufactured in Spain without sugar no artificial ingredients.

Llorente, in addition to his soccer achievements, is recognized in the world of soccer for promoting a healthy life where diet and exercise are two of its pillars.

“I share with MIWI Real Drinks the idea that it is possible to take care of ourselves without having to give up anything. MIWI is a soft drink that collects everything we need to have fun in a conscious, healthy and sustainable way. I feel very identified with this project and I believe that we must bet on these alternatives that respect our body and our planet”, explained the red-and-white footballer.

MIWI Real Drinks was born from the hands of entrepreneurs Laura Pérez Valverde and Íñigo Aguirrezabal Conde, who already had previous experience in other beverage multinationals.

“Growing as a team and having a benchmark like Marcos Llorente commit to our product makes us see that we are heading in the right direction”, indicated Íñigo Aguirrezabal.

MIWI is a natural drink based on fermented tea, to which the sugar present in its preparation has been eliminated thanks to lengthening the duration of the fermentation process. In addition, it has no alcohol and hardly any calories (three per soda).

These ‘real drinks’ were launched on the market at the end of 2020 and can be purchased online or through a purchase system via SMS or WhatsApp.

Fernando Alonso

In this way, Spanish athletes become shareholders of beverage companies, as the Spanish driver Fernando Alonso did at the end of last year, which announced its arrival in the functional beverage market, becoming the new investor and ambassador of Raw Sport Drink.

Specifically, Raw Sport Drink, developed by the entrepreneur from Gijón Rubén González in 2018, was born with the aim of offering the first BIO isotonic drink and meeting the demand of a generation of athletes and consumers who are increasingly concerned about what they consume.

With this agreement, Raw becomes the official drink of the Spanish driver, who will accompany him during the Formula 1 World Championship, as well as in his day to day.