Spain is the European country most in favor of compulsory vaccination against Covid

However, the main concern of the Spanish is that of the possible side effects that are not yet known.

Pfizer vaccine vials.  EE

On December 27, the vaccination campaign against Covid-19 began in Spain. Although before the first antigens arrived in our country, the population was more reluctant to be immunized, now 80% of Spaniards affirm that they would get the vaccine. What’s more, Spain is the European country most in favor of compulsory vaccination.

This is clear from the Ipsos study in collaboration with the World Economic Forum (WEF), in which it is observed that Spain is positioned as the country worldwide, along with Italy, where more has increased the intention to get vaccinated since December now.

The percentage of people who would be vaccinated immediately has also increased. 60% of Spaniards would do it immediately, being the second country in the world, behind the United Kingdom and Mexico, most willing to get vaccinated as soon as possible.

Fear of side effects

Although the predisposition to vaccinate improves and is high in most countries, a large part of the population still shows some reluctance towards the vaccines that are already available on the market.

In the case of Spain, the main concern is that of possible side effects that are not yet known (39%)Thus, being the European country most concerned in this regard, although in line with the rest: Italy (36%), Germany (35%) and France (35%).

As we have already seen in other waves, another of the barriers that the vaccine faces is the mistrust generated in some citizens by the speed with which progress has been made in the phases of clinical trials, a reason mentioned by 32% of Spaniards who are reluctant to get vaccinated.