Subway, the sandwich giant, bets on Spain through ‘delivery’ and breakfasts

The company will soon open five new restaurants in our country with novelties in the assortment.

Subway, the sandwich giant, bets on Spain through 'delivery' and breakfasts

Subway has been in Spain for 25 years, but it was not until two years ago when the American sandwich giant decided to turn our country into a key piece for its business in the Mediterranean area. The company is already preparing a growth plan that reveals Invertia Sofia Garcia, Marketing Manager for the Mediterranean and Subway, in a meeting at the restaurant on Calle Hortaleza in Madrid, the last to open.

“Despite being a turbulent year, we have opened restaurants. From the confinement, we opened in Genova street and east in Chueca. And we have five more openings signed “, get moving. The closest will be at the Xanadú shopping center and surely before the end of the year, the rest will be in 2021. Of them, two will be in Pozuelo and Majadahonda and the other two still cannot reveal them.

But all will include the new design concept of local stores and will add to the portfolio that it has in Spain, made up of 60 restaurants and 37 franchisees. It should be remembered that Subway is present in 100 countries through 40,000 restaurants that operate 21,000 franchisees. A giant of the restoration.

Sofía García, Marketing Manager for the Mediterranean at Subway.

Sofía García, Marketing Manager for the Mediterranean at Subway.

“We want to expand throughout Madrid, not just the center, and the idea for next year is to continue growing. It is about focusing on Madrid and Barcelona and then expanding the geography further ”, they acknowledge from Suwbay.

How far do you hope to go? “Setting goals is difficult at the moment. If we have managed to grow in such a year, we will surely grow. But it will be in a sustainable way. In the end, these openings are generating jobs, specifically 600 jobs in Spain, ”says the company.


And is that the pandemic has changed the strategy of the company that now revolves around three axes. The first is the deliveryvia Glovo, platform with which it signed an exclusivity agreement (after breaking with Uber Eats).

The second leg is to enhance the take away -something that takes a lot in the US and that the Covid has accelerated in Spain-. In addition to joining marketing plans, “together with Glovo we have developed the pick up where you place the order in Glovo and you can pick it up at the closest restaurant without delivery costs ”, says the directive.

And finally, the safety of your employees and your customers. “We are one of the few who have the kitchen in front of us and, for many customers, seeing the process of preparing the order from the beginning to the end gives them more security,” he explains.

To all this we must add a product adapted to the Spanish. The company offers seven million different combinations of made-to-order snacks each day. Before the pandemic, he made 9,000 daily snacks in Spain. Now they acknowledge that sales have fallen, but the delivery -which came to be half of its sales in the confinement- compensates part of the decrease in sales.

Confinement and subsequent restrictions have changed consumer habits. So much that more emphasis is placed on breakfast and, to seize the opportunity, “We have launched more local breakfasts, where we will shortly include toasts,” says Sofía García.

Although the company does not disclose year-end data, they speak of “growth in openings and employees” in the Spanish market, where the sandwich giant hopes to capture more of the market in the coming years.