Teresa Ribera guarantees the supply of gas in Spain, with reserves for 43 days

The minister has indicated that the Medgaz pipeline is preparing to pump more gas.

Teresa Ribera

The Third Vice President and Minister of Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge, Teresa Ribera, insisted this Tuesday that Spain has gas reserves for between 40 and 43 days, which would arrive for cover 20 episodes like Filomena’s.

“The most tense episode we have experienced in recent years has been Filomena and we consumed the equivalent of two days. We have a very, very important reservation ”, defended the minister in statements to TVE collected by Europa Press.

Ribera stressed that Spain has been working for months to guarantee gas supply due to the fact that relations between Morocco and Algeria had been broken since the summer and knowing that they were not going to renew the contract that ended on October 31 for the Maghreb gas pipeline. Europe, through which Algeria transported natural gas to Spain via Morocco.

Faced with this situation, Spain decided to accumulate reserves and increase the ‘slots’, that is, the arrival of ships throughout the winter to unload at regasification plants, which has allowed counting currently with reservations for between 40 and 43 days of consumption.

In addition, Ribera has indicated that the Medgaz pipeline is preparing to pump more gas, which would practically cover the consumption forecast for Spain for this year. “There would still be an important, but smaller, part of the set of gas that we will have to consume in 2022, which will arrive by ship,” the minister explained.

In any case, he recalled that Algeria has shown its full willingness to offer more gas to Spain if necessary. “From there, the companies themselves enter into technical and price hiring,” he said.

“There will be no blackout”

The minister has assured that, according to all the available information, there is no scenario that lead to thinking of an electrical blackout.

“With all the calm and firmness, this is not a likely scenario for Spain,” said Ribera, who has asked the Spaniards for “tranquility” because the system works well, as demonstrated with Filomena.

In addition, it has indicated that Spain is “almost an energy island”, with an interconnection that, although lower than the one desired by the Government, is at the same time a “sanitary cordon, a barrier” so that any problem in a European line ends up having repercussions in Spain.

Regarding the price of electricity, Ribera maintains the Government’s commitment that by the end of 2021 the average price that households will pay will be equivalent to that of 2018.

The minister has denied that Spain has “The least intention” to leave the framework of the European Union and has specified that what was asked of Brussels was to suspend some of the current rules in the electricity market, as has been done at another level with the fiscal rules.

Finally, and in relation to the labor reform and the controversy between the two government parties, Ribera considers “up to a certain point normal” for each of the ministers who feels involved to intervene.

In any case, he has insisted that this reform must be done with the consensus of the social agents and that “we must listen well” to all the parties involved. In his opinion, there will be an agreement and it will be achieved “peacefully.”