The Bankinter ad that charges against the competition: “Could it be that with fewer branches you will be better off?”

The entity bets on a lullaby sung by Miguel Poveda that includes messages about mergers such as: “You found out in pink pages that your bank changes color.”

Bankinter's announcement that charges against the competition: Could it be that with fewer people, fewer branches, you will be better off?

“Your bank wrote you a letter. Money talks about money. A little change in conditions, or does the wolf in sheep’s clothing write?”. With these words begins the last announcement of Bankinter, which has not left anyone indifferent in the financial sector.

In it, the singer Michael Poveda interpret the call Nana so that your money does not fall asleep, in which messages are slipped reminiscent of the recent merger between two of its competitors, CaixaBank and Bankia.

“You found out in the pink pages that your bank changes color. Could it be that with fewer people, fewer branches, will you be better off?”, recites the singer in the new Bankinter ad, in a reference that evokes the salmon press, as the economic press is known, and the merger between its competitors, who precisely at this time are negotiating with the unions a cut in staff and branches.

New Bankinter advertisement that charges against its competition.

The message is quasi explicit in some moments of the song: “You were invited to a beautiful wedding of banks, bankers, managers and savings banks. What the letter did not tell you: If you pay for the party and you are the one who gets married? (sic).

Not only in the message, but also in the images that accompany it, such as a newspaper clipping that readsAge of mergers in banking and a magician doing tricks with cups in red (Santander’s corporate color), blue (CaixaBank and BBVA) and green (Bankia), as well as banknotes in these corporate colors of its competitors.

“Fishermen profit but not pensioners”

And not without criticism. “They say that The profit of the fishermen comes to a troubled river, but almost never of the pensionersof the students, of the teachers. Or illusionists at night who when the day comes are office workers”, he continues.

The ad ends with a call from the bank to customers: “Perhaps the biggest change in this turbulent time is change to a bank that in the meantime nothing has changed” (sic). A message that makes sense considering that Bankinter has only experienced one integration in its history, that of Evo Bank, which has continued to operate independently.

“When by magic everything seems to change in Bankinter Accounts, not only do we continue without charging you commissions, but we lower the requirements and give you up to 340 euros for your trust, maintaining our commitment to you and to society as a whole”, concludes the announcement, referring to the recent lowering of requirements made by the bank in his famous Payroll account, which remunerates 5% the first year and 2% the second for balances of up to 5,000 euros, allowing salaries of up to 800 euros to be directly deposited, instead of the initial 1,000.