The CaixaBank unions ask Fainé and the FROB to reject the salaries of the leadership and stop the ERE

The representatives of the workers have already addressed the deputies of Congress to request their involvement in the adjustment of this entity with the participation of the State.

The CaixaBank board appoints chairman of Goirigolzarri and calls a meeting on May 14

The representatives of the workers of CaixaBank, whose position remains very far from that of the bank in the negotiation of the Record of employment regulation (ERE), have sent two letters to the president of the La Caixa Banking Foundation, Isidro Faine, and to Fund for Orderly Bank Restructuring (FROB), to those who ask them to stop the employment adjustment and to vote against the salaries of the leadership at the entity’s next shareholders’ meeting, which is held next week.

Both La Caixa and FROB are the majority shareholders of CaixaBank and hold, separately, holdings in the bank’s capital of 30% and 16.1%, respectively. They were, before the integration, also the majority in each of the two banks and it should be remembered that the idea of ​​the merger between CaixaBank and Bankia came from La Caixa, since it was Fainé who began the conversations with a proposal to the economic vice president, Nadia Calvin.

Its strong weight in the capital has inspired the unions to send them letters in which they ask both the FROB and La Caixa to vote against the salary proposal of the entity’s leadership that the board of directors will take to the next shareholders’ meeting, which will be held on Friday of next week.


The meeting agenda includes the remuneration proposal the members of the board of directors and, among them, the CEO, Gonzalo Gortazar, and the CEO, Jose Ignacio Goirigolzarri. The first of them will obtain a fixed annual remuneration of 2.26 million (the same as in 2020), while Goirigolzarri’s will be 1.65 million.

To this amount, in the case of meeting objectives (profitability, efficiency, reduction of problematic assets, risks, quality and conduct), a bonus of up to 708,800 euros for Gortázar and 200,000 for Goirigolzarri, as well as the receipt of bank shares under the annual incentive plan conditions linked to the 2019-2021 Strategic Plan and the contribution made by the bank to long-term savings systems (pension plan).

José Ignacio Goirigolzarri, president of CaixaBank.

José Ignacio Goirigolzarri, president of CaixaBank.

The fixed salary proposed for Goirigolzarri is equivalent to three more times than what he charged for the same position at Bankia (500,000 euros), a considerably smaller bank than the current CaixaBank and with the nuance that his salary there was limited because the entity received public aid. In fact, the former president of Bankia only had the right to a variable in 2020 and resigned from it due to the pandemic.

This remuneration that has been the subject of controversy, especially among the representatives of the workers, who do not understand that this salary jump occurs with the negotiation of an ERE with such a high impact in the making.

Stop the “wild” ERE

In addition, they are asked to help stop the “savage and unjustified process”, in reference to the employment adjustment, which will affect 7,791 employees and will involve the relocation of another 500. “You are not alien to this situation nor can this body be an accomplice in it,” they are told.

They remind the FROB that “the use and destination of the 24,000 million bailout that the FROB contributed to the bailout of Bankia, now CaixaBank, is under its responsibility, of which it has only recovered just over 3,000 million.”

“The use of this large amount of money from contributions to the public treasury of the workers of this country It cannot serve to destroy quality employment in companies that are generating 2,000 million annual profits, to throw 8,300 taxpayers out on the streets, to triple the millionaire salaries of managers and make abusive cuts in the working conditions of workers. , they add.

On the other hand, Fainé is asked that does not allow “the supremacy of money over values, as its Foundation does not allow in all the programs it launches every year and that help millions of people around the world”.

The sending of these letters is part of the mobilizations that the CaixaBank unions are undertaking these days in rejection of the ERE, as well as the letter they recently sent to the political groups in Congress. These letters are signed by all the representatives of the bank workers, that is, CCOO, SECB, UGT ACCAM, SATE, CGT, SESFI, Unió Obrera Balear, FEC, SIB, ACB Bankia and LAB ELA.