The electricity marketers unite to defend themselves against the Government’s reform of the electricity bill

Nearly twenty independent electricity marketers come together and create the Association of Electric Energy Marketers (ACENEL).

An electricity bill in a file image.

They can’t anymore. The independent electricity marketers they do not feel the support of the Government at a critical moment with the unprecedented escalation of electricity, the problems with the distributors that do not provide them with the data to bill the clients and the guarantees that they must have.

That’s why one twenty marketers have come together to form the Association of Electric Energy Traders (ACENEL) and they have warned of the possible negative consequences that the reform of the regulated tariff that they are proposing could have on competition and liberalization of the market.

The marketers that are members of ACENEL have participated in several recent initiatives and proposals sent to the national legislator and regulator -the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge Yet the National Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC)– “due to the numerous problems they have been faced with due to totally external factors and unrelated to them”.

In a statement, ACENEL warns of the legislator’s recent initiative “by which tariffs intervened for certain consumer segments, to the detriment of the rest of the consumers, of effective competition and dispensing with any mechanism of competitive competition, favoring the marketers of traditional electricity companies and undoing decades of liberalization in the sector”.

In addition, it warns of the assumption of the VAT reduction until its settlement with the Treasury, “having to support the application of a VAT lower than that of all the payments that marketers have to make for the acquisition of the energy they supply to their customers.”

In addition, he sees a “lack of success in adapting the systems to the new time periods and fare system as of June this year due to part of some of the main electricity distributors, which continue to generate serious problems in the reading cycle of electricity meters for consumers and marketers”.

General appeal

ACENEL, which leaves its doors “open” to integrate all those independent energy marketers who want to join, estimates that the impact of these aspects could be resolved “with initiative, will and fluid communication between the whole of the electricity commercialization sector, the rest of the actors and the Public Administration”.

Independent electricity marketers supply energy to more than three million consumers, with a significant presence in SMEs and industries and a growing penetration in the domestic segment.