The fear of electricity blackouts is spreading in Europe this winter, but is it possible?

Governments of Germany and Austria warn their population of the possibility of not having enough fuel to heat their houses.

Households are feeling the rise in the price of electricity.

They look like ads’fake‘, which warn of a generalized electricity blackout in Europe due to the energy crisis that is being experienced, but they are not. Are the warnings of governments as credible as BBK, the Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance of Germany, and of the Austrian Defense Minister to its population.

In early October, a BBK video went viral telling German citizens what to do to survive a harsh winter without heating, such as lining the windows with aluminum foil or lighting candles under an upside-down flower pot. .

“A power outage can happen for many different reasons, whether it is because of a hurricane, like in New Orleans, or others. Because it’s good to be preparedThey say in the video. “An important task for us is to help the population to protect itself in a crisis. The pandemic has made it clear to all of us that we can do more to better prepare the population for crises. “

Austria, catastrophist

And now it is Austria’s turn. His Defense Minister Klaudia Tanner, has already given advance notice.

In the video, after having supervised the military maneuvers and actions, it is pointed out that there is a high possibility of an electrical blackout affecting services such as computers, mobile phones and electricity supply in homes. The blackout would not only occur in Austria, but would spread throughout Europe.

Tanner said the question was not whether there was going to be a blackout, but rather “the question is when.” He has also stated that this danger is “underestimated by all” when it could have catastrophic consequences.

In order to raise awareness, the Austrian government has decided to launch a campaign. Not only in the media, but also on thousands of posters around Austrian cities and on social media.

And in Spain, what?

The system operator, Electric Network, ensures that, with the information available today, “There is nothing to indicate” that a weeks-long electricity blackout like the one proposed by the Austrian Ministry of Defense could happen.

The third vice president of the Government and minister for the Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera, He has also reassured the population, pointing out that he “emphatically” rules out that Spain could suffer a major electrical blackout.

“Clearly what is taking place in Central Europe is the verification of energy dependence on Russian gas,” he explains to EL ESPAÑOL-Invertia José Benjumea, CEO of POWEN, Spanish company specialized in energy self-consumption based on solar installations.

“If Russia cuts the supply, the blackout may occur, but it is more due to a political decision than a technical one. In Spain we have an advantage, and that is that our gas supply does not depend on Europe, and even less on Russia. The only blackout we have had was last July, when a seaplane crashed into an electrical interconnection in France. In that case, there were almost a million customers who were left without electricity, but REE immediately restored the system by disconnecting some industries “, adds the expert.

And he continues: “Our system is well meshed, in our country it is not as cold as in northern Europe and experience has shown us that it is very unlikely that we will have blackouts.”

However, he concludes with a warning: “This shows that we have to go down a path of no return towards renewables, the only ones that allow Europe to be self-sufficient, sustainable and with cheap energy.”