The ‘foreign’ FFP2 masks are 40% more expensive while the ‘national’ ones are cheaper by 21%

During the second wave of Covid-19, the average price of masks manufactured outside of Spain has risen 1.05 euros.

FPP2 masks.

Spain faced the second wave of Covid-19 between September and December of last year. A period of time in which the average price of FFP2 masks from foreign manufacturers went back up after three months of declines. An increase in 40% between September and December That collides with the opposite evolution of the price of the masks manufactured in our country: they became cheaper by 21%.

In September, the average price of FFP2 masks (including manufacturers that do not operate in Spain) was 2.6 euros. In December, the cost reached 3.65 euros, that is, 1.05 euros became more expensive. Meanwhile, masks from Spanish manufacturers were priced at 3.31 euros in September, down to 2.61 in December (0.7 euros less).

This is clear from the data provided by Iqvia to Invertia, in which peaks of more than 4 euros are observed in the price of these products during the toughest months of the pandemic. Specifically, it was in March when the cost of ‘foreign’ FFP2 reached the highest in the health crisis so far, standing at 4.45 euros.

Evolution of the average price per mask FPP2.  Source: Iqvia.

Evolution of the average price per mask FPP2. Source: Iqvia.

From then until June, the price did not drop below 4 euros. As of July, the cost of masks from foreign manufacturers began to decline, reaching 2.6 euros in September. From that month, until the end of 2020, it began its rise to 3.65 euros in December.

In the case of masks made in Spain, the maximum peak of its price was reached in April, with an average of 3.66 euros. During the following months, the cost of the ‘Spanish’ FFP2 remained above 3 euros, until December, which is down to 2.61 euros.

Second wave, more demand

Regarding the units sold of the FFP2 masks, an increase was also observed from September to December, coinciding with the second wave of Covid-19. In September, pharmacies dispensed 5.1 million units, while in December they sold 7 million. This represents an increase of 35.4%.

It was in mayo when pharmacies recorded the highest number of masks sold: 12.9 million euros. As of that month, the demand has been declining until September, where it began to increase again.


Everything seems to indicate that this upward trend in the sales of FFP2 masks in pharmacies continues, at least, in the first months of 2021. In fact, pharmacies have tripled their demand for this type of product in the last week.

This was confirmed by the Federation of Pharmaceutical Distributors (Fedifar) to Invertia, who pointed out that wholesalers have noticed how the orders from the pharmacies of the FFP2 masks “They have doubled and tripled in the past week.”

Despite this increase in demand, the employers assure that “There are no problems of stock. And it is that the situation now is very different from the one we lived in March and April of last year. “Wholesalers have enough suppliers and have a good supply.”