The health technology sector presents its plans to use the aid of the Recovery Plan

Fenin includes six multisectoral proposals to transform and digitize the National Health System.

Sergio Muñoz, director of the Department of Innovation, Digital Health and Emerging Technologies of Fenin;  Margarita Alfonsel, general secretary of Fenin;  Pedro Duque, Minister of Science;  and Mª Luz López-Carrasco, president of Fenin.

The Spanish Federation of Health Technology Companies (Fenin) has presented its proposals to the Ministry of Science to use the aid of the Recovery Plan, Transformation and Resilience for the reconstruction of the economy.

In relation to the Spain Can Plan and the NEXT Generation EU European Funds, Fenin proposes a series of cross-cutting policy and articulating projects.

The goal of the healthcare technology industry is contribute to transforming the National Health System towards a new modern, intelligent and sustainable system that takes advantage of the data generated in the health value chain.

Six projects

Fenin’s proposed plan is made up of six “articulating projects.” The first of them proposes a model of interoperability and governance of the health data, as a support to the digitization of healthcare.

Second, creating a collaborative data repository (sanitary and non-sanitary) from different sources and captured at a general level (National Health System), available and shared for processing and analysis.

Also the development of new digital health services, as new tools and digital services in health based on new usage models that add value to the healthcare process through the application of innovative technologies.

Fourth, Fenin advocates promote R & D & I through collaborative environments and SandBox. That is, collaboration between the Public Administration, private sector organizations and centers for research, development and national innovation to facilitate the development of projects in the field of Smart Health.

On the other hand, he insists on a historical request such as the renovation of the technological park of the National Health System. And, finally, it proposes to define an innovative healthcare technology industry model, based on smart, sustainable and exporting production, with a great capacity for automation in manufacturing and processes to optimize costs and supplies, and gain competitiveness.