The hospitality industry turns over with Christmas: 86% will open if restrictions allow it

Spaniards will spend between 25 euros and 50 euros on catering during the Christmas holidays.

86% of restaurants acknowledges that it plans to open this Christmas, as long as the restrictions to stop the expansion of the coronavirus allow it, and after 55% more reservations were made at lunchtime in December than at dinner due to time restrictions , according to the data of the study prepared by the reservation platform ElTenedor.

As for occupancy, more than half expect to reach 50%, while the most optimistic (16%) assure that it will reach 70% occupancy on these dates and only 9% believe that it will exceed this figure.

With regard to diners, two out of every three establishments (70%) will offer special menus for these Christmas dates in an attempt to attract customers, while one in two (42%) will choose to offer the usual menu.

However, and in parallel to the rest of the services, 55% of the restaurants highlight that will continue to enhance the delivery Y take away to boost your business.

In this way, more than half of Spaniards (51%) acknowledge their intention to celebrate Christmas in a restaurant, but as long as circumstances and restrictions allow.

Average budget

Regarding the average budget in this type of celebrations, including festive dates, it is, for 51% of Spaniards, between 25 euros and 50 euros, while for 40% it will be above 50 euros.

In an atypical Christmas due to the impact of the coronavirus and the restrictions, Spaniards plan to celebrate on average these days between one and three lunches / dinners, while only 28% affirm that they will hold more than three meetings.

The majority of Spaniards (82%) will prioritize family reunions this year, having been less in contact in recent months with those closest to them, and only 17% will bet before on a lunch or dinner with their friends.

On the other hand, they are not the only habits that diners will change compared to other years. 34% will make sure that the establishment complies with all security measures, 22% will try to reserve more meals, 21% will do so earlier and 19% will advance the time of their reservation.

Regarding this, it stands out that 13% of all reservations made to date have been made to be made at 8:00 p.m., which represents an increase of up to 5 points in recent months.

The study reveals that 74% will eat roasts or traditional dishes this Christmas, while 51% bet on fish and seafood, and 17% will opt for soups or spoon dishes.

Other habits that have been altered by the pandemic have been company dinners. That this year there will be fewer celebrations and that Spaniards are more selective when it comes to selecting meetings they are going to attend, has caused up to 60% of them to see it as the perfect excuse to skip dinner with their coworkers.

In addition, if they could rule out any of the more traditional lunches or dinners on these dates, one in two users (50%) assures that they would get rid of the New Year’s meal.