The insurance sector joins the IDIS proposals to improve health

Unespa has highlighted the fundamental role of private healthcare in meeting the healthcare needs of Spanish citizens.

Pilar González de Frutos, president of Unespa, and Marta Villanueva, general director of the IDIS Foundation.

The Insurance Business Association (unespa), which brings together insurance companies in Spain and represents 98% of the Spanish insurance market, has joined the ‘Manifesto for Better Health’ promoted by the Institute for the Development and Integration of Health (IDIS Foundation).

For Pilar González de Frutos, president of Unespa, “private healthcare plays a fundamental role in meeting the healthcare needs of Spanish citizens. The current health crisis has once again highlighted the contribution of the private sector to the health of all through its collaboration with the public system, the care provided and the quality of the service provided”.

The manifesto promoted by IDIS has the objective of making a call to the administrations not to delay the start-up of measures that allow the adaptation of the health system to the challenges of the present and the future.

The general director of the IDIS Foundation, Marta Villanueva, explained that “all efforts must be focused on a system that guarantees and synergizes all available resources, a system for all no exclusions.”

For this reason, from this manifesto “we advocate for principles such as quality care, focused on the patient, with professionals as the best asset, collaborative, equitable, efficient, reformist and innovative, digitized and technological, transparent and adequately financed, whose development will facilitate the viability and sustainability of the health system”, he added.