The reforms return, although with limitations: these are all the details

The Government wants to minimize the risk of contagion of the coronavirus.

Archive image of renovation works.

Home renovations are back… Although they do so with limitations. The government wants minimize the risk of contagion of the coronavirus, so it has decided that they can only be carried out works in premises and homes that are not inhabited.

According to the order published in the Official State Gazette (BOE) they may also carry out reforms in communities of owners in those areas where there is no contact with neighbors.

Works are also allowed in those communities in which the reforms can be “sectorized”, so that the neighbors are isolated from contact with the workers.


In any case, the Executive establishes a series of conditions to be able to carry out a work:

– The movement of workers and materials in common areas it should be limited to those areas that are not isolated, and contact with neighbors is limited.

– The access and exit to premises, homes or areas occurs at the beginning and at the end of the day. That is to say, no mid-morning coffee on the street.

– Workers adopt prevention measures and hygiene indicated by the health authorities.

Also, in all excepted cases, access to non-sectorized areas of the building is allowed, to carry out specific connection operations with the building service networks that are necessary to undertake the works.

Until now, these works could only be carried out if the access areas to the homes or premises could be divided into sectors.