The sales of Zamora Company (Ramón Bilbao and Licor 43) will fall by 16% in 2020 in Spain

The evolution of your business will depend on whether or not there is tourism this summer in Spain.

Zamora Company (Ramón Bilbao and Licor 43) foresees a sales drop of 16% in 2020

Zamora Company, the Cartagena family business, owner of brands such as Ramón Bilbao, Licor 43, Martin Miller´s Gin, Sangría Lolea or Mar de Frades, foresees a 16% decrease in turnover compared to 2019 to 150 million euros, due to this very turbulent year due to the incidence of Covid and restrictions on the hospitality industry.

However, the company recalls that “it is important to highlight that this is a figure subject to the Christmas season, of vital importance for the wine and spirits sector, even more so taking into account the uncertainty of the current context.”

The company’s forecasts also foresee a homogeneous distribution, and they assign to Spain 52% of the total turnover of the group, while the international market will account for 48%, with Germany, the United States, Mexico, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom standing out as the company’s main markets. In addition, it should be noted that the online sales channel shows a growth of 266% over the same period of the previous year.

And the forecasts? “With the vaccination system and after the third wave with a very hard quarter with full and partial closures, we believe that in May we will know if we will have a summer or not,” says Emilio Restoy, general director of the company. That is, whether or not Spain will have tourism. “If we are going to have summer with 50% of tourists in 2019, at least we believe that the economy will reactivate and our brands,” he points out. But if there are restrictions on travel “it will be negative for Spain.”


The family business has achieved a series of milestones in 2020. Thus, 70% of the energy consumed comes from renewable sources; the company’s annual water consumption is only 2.10 liters per liter produced; and 99% of the group’s waste is usable for other uses or 70% of the energy consumed is renewable energy.

To this is added the different social actions that respond to the company’s philanthropy program, which each year receive 2.5% of the company’s net profit. Last March, 400,000 euros were allocated in March to act against the effects of Covid-19 in the most disadvantaged groups, through Cáritas, the Red Cross and the Food Bank, among others.

In addition, before the summer, the Mar de Frades and Ramón Bilbao wineries carried out the action “toast at home today to toast tomorrow in the bars”, with which both wineries contributed a total of 45,000 bottles to bars and restaurants, which is equivalent to to an aid to the billing of this channel of about 650,000 euros, with the aim of helping to alleviate the effects of the pandemic in the hospitality sector.

The Cartagena company designs its own destiny through a series of objectives to be achieved before 2025. These are: ensure that 90% of the energy used comes from renewable sources; reduce CO2 emissions and water consumption by 15% compared to 2018; and achieve zero waste or zero waste.

For now, Zamora Company contemplates 2021 from the governance expectation to continue focused on supporting the 2030 agenda, and with special interest in the training of employees in the field of sustainability, with a joint and unique approach towards these marked commitments, and is committed to maintaining the same investment in philanthropy as in this year, that is, more than 400,000 euros regardless of your net profit in 2020.