The Security Forces and Bodies and teachers will be the next to be vaccinated against Covid

These new groups, which include working people up to 55 years of age, will be immunized with the AstraZeneca antigen.

Healthcare personnel prepare a dose of AstraZeneca vaccine.

The Public Health Commission has defined this Tuesday the next groups to be vaccinated with the AstraZeneca antigen and that include active persons up to 55 years of age. These include the Security Forces and Bodies, emergency personnel, armed forces, teachers, and second-line health and social-health personnel.

It should be remembered that it was this same commission that decided last Thursday not to use the vaccine from this laboratory in people over 55 years of age due to the lack of evidence in clinical trials.

The new update of the vaccination strategy against Covid-19 introduces a new group (the sixth), which includes groups with an essential function for society up to the 55 years old.

These are the Security Forces and Bodies (National Police, Civil Guard, Autonomous Police and Local Police); emergency personnel (firefighters and others); and Armed Forces.

Likewise, in group 6 of the vaccination plan it also includes teachers and early childhood education and special educational needs personnel, as well as primary and secondary teachers.

Health and social health personnel

On the other hand, the update of the immunization protocol includes a division within group 3 (other health and social health personnel). Thus, a new subgroup is established that includes to second-line buses, as announced last week by the Ministry of Health.

As agreed in the Public Health Commission, this subgroup includes physiotherapists, occupational therapists, pharmacy office personnel, legal medicine, home help services, centers for minors and day centers. And also to the workers of penal institutions.

Over 55 with messenger RNA

As reported by Health, this new priority group for the AstraZeneca vaccine includes the aforementioned groups, but only if they are under 55 years of age. Otherwise, they should wait to be vaccinated with doses of Messenger RNA. That is, the technology used by Pfizer and Moderna antigens

As confirmed by sources from the vaccination group to Invertia, those teachers, police officers or, for example, pharmacists over 55 years of age should wait for the availability of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines.

This could suppose a delay in these groups because it must be remembered that there is a great bulk of people over 80 years of age and large dependents that are considered more priority in the inoculation.

All those older people should be immunized first and, depending on the doses available, the shift to essential workers could be modified. Even so, they are not removed from the priority scale.

Protocol adaptation

The decision not to use the AstraZeneca antigen in people over 55 has not changed the immunization strategy because this is a “living document”. That is to say, is defined as new needs arise (like what happened with this vaccine) and taking into account the evolution of the epidemic.

Regarding the evolution of the pandemic, it is also one of the reasons why the criteria on which the decisions of the groups to prioritize in the vaccination campaign are based may vary. According to sources close to the preparation of this document, depending on the epidemiological context, it may be the case that “It is more reasonable to prioritize other groups instead of those that were planned.”

In other words, the criteria for defining the next groups may change if the pandemic reduces its severity. For now for the choice of the first groups the risk of mortality has prevailed, but others may come into play, such as “transmission or exhibition”.