The Spanish Acciona, invited to compete for a section of the California AVE

It is a contract estimated at 1,600 million dollars (about 1,430 million euros).

Acciona, in consortium with Copasa and the Japanese Hitachi, has been invited to compete for the construction of a section of the AVE route which is scheduled to be completed in California (United States), a contract estimated at $1.6 billion (about 1,430 million euros).

In case of achieving the contract, the group that presides over Jose Manuel Entrecanales would land in the US construction business, a strategic market for the company in which it has been present for years with the renewable energy division.

Acciona leads one of the three groups of companies that California High Speed Rail has selected and invited bids to take over the section, according to reports from this public entity that promotes the infrastructure.

The consortium with the ‘made in Spain’ seal, in which engineering also participates Typs, will compete with two others, one Canadian and one local.

It is the one formed by Bombardier, the Italian Salcef and the local The Weitz Company, and the one made up of the Americans Fluor, Balfour Beatty Infrastructure, Aecom and Egis Rail.


The contract includes the construction of a 190-kilometre-long section of the AVE between the cities of Madera and Shafter, in the central valley of California. It also includes the execution of an electrified section of track that will be used to test the trains.

This is one of the sections of the High-Speed ​​rail connection between Los Angeles and San Francisco that the State of California decided to complete when, at the beginning of 2019, it agreed to suspend the phases of the project that had not yet been started, considering that “it would take a lot of time and cost a lot of money”.

Specifically, the works of the first phase will be completed, that is, the around 200 kilometers of line between the cities of Merced and Bakersfield, in the aforementioned Central Valley.

This decision allowed ACS to maintain the contract that in 2014 he achieved in the project, the section between Fresno and North Bakersfield, estimated at around 1,083 million euros.

The for the moment frustrated runner full between Los Angeles and San Francisco proposed the construction of a line of 827 kilometers in length and 24 stations, which was expected to be put into service in 2033.

The section to be completed is one of the two AVEs being built in the United States, together with the one that will link Houston and Dallas, in Texas, in this case promoted by a private group and in which Renfe will participate after recently achieving the future exploitation of the line.