The Spanish Group for Green Growth gives guidelines for companies to bet on sustainability

Within the framework of COP26, it presents a guide developed by Climate Strategy&Partners and the collaboration of some thirty companies.

Spanish Green Growth Group gives guidelines to companies to bet on renewables

The Spanish Green Growth Group (Gecv) have presented, within the framework of the COP26, the guide “Twelve Keys for Companies Towards Decarbonization”, in which they give guidelines to companies for growth based on clean and environmentally friendly energy.

The presentation event took place in Glasgow at the headquarters of Scottish Power (Iberdrola subsidiary in the United Kingdom) coinciding with the celebration of the COP26 and it was broadcast in streaming to the whole world.

In the act they participated Valvanera Ulargui (General Director of the Spanish Office for Climate Change), Andres Landerretche (coordinator of the COP25 Presidency), Hazel Gulliver (Director of Engagement at ScottishPower), Gonzalo Sáenz de Miera (vice president of the GECV), Carmen navarro (GECV manager), Peter Sweatman (Executive Director of Climate Strategy & Partners and technical leader in the development of the Guide) and several members of the GECV.

“At Naturgy we are committed to climate neutrality in 2050. For years we have been reducing our emissions and we have established new objectives of greater ambition, aligned with the most demanding scenarios of the Paris Agreement”, has assured the Director of Environment and Social Responsibility by Naturgy, Nuria Rodriguez.

“We consider the energy transition an opportunity and we are convinced that it must be paced in time and in the form to ensure that it is fair and inclusive, promoting measures that correct imbalances, and without jeopardizing the long-term objectives that imply a carbon neutral economy ”.

On the other hand, he has also pointed out that “public-private collaboration is the only way to ensure a just energy transition.”

Main ideas

The guide (developed by Climate Strategy&Partners with the collaboration of some thirty companies) is “an example of how the Spanish companies most committed to sustainability are collaborating to protect the environment.”

The document’s newest recommendations are to establish short, medium and long-term emission reduction targets towards emissions neutrality in 2050 or earlier, based on science and aligned with the 1.5º target of the Paris Agreement.

These objectives must be accompanied by sectoral roadmaps that describe the actions that will be carried out in the short and medium term to decarbonise the company, including investment and financing policies aligned with the European Taxonomy and carbon pricing.

Finally, the guide highlights various practices to implement a robust, inclusive and transparent governance framework. He must prioritize the role of the governing bodies of the companies and the shareholders in the approval and implementation of the plan. Also the disclosure of the same and the evaluation of its results in accordance with international standards, and the alignment of public affairs activities with the goal of zero net emissions by 2050.