The unions criticize that the Government “puts itself in profile” with the ERE of CaixaBank

They do not understand how the Executive can allow such a strong adjustment in the bank of which he is now a shareholder with 16% of the capital.

Juan Carlos Campo and María Jesús Montero, at the press conference after the Council of Ministers.

Unions with representation in CaixaBank are very surprised and disappointed with the attitude of the government in relation to the Record of employment regulation (ERE) that the bank is going to launch in the coming months. The entity, of which the State is now a shareholder with 16% of the capital, has put on the table an initial proposal to cut 8,291 jobs and close 1,534 offices after the integration of Bankia.

The entity released these figures to the unions on Tuesday and the Executive’s response did not take long to arrive. Maria Jesus Montero, Minister Spokesperson, stressed that “if [CaixaBank y Bankia] each would have done the ERE separately, if that merger had not occurred, sure there would be an even higher ERE“.

In addition, he pointed out that, to the extent that it can influence, “the Government will try to minimize any job losses“. “We will try to influence that companies are not motivated to destroy employment,” said the Minister of Finance.

This attitude has surprised and outraged the CaixaBank unions. “The Government is in profile. We didn’t think it was going to be like this “a union source present at the negotiation explains to Invertia.

The workers’ representatives regret that the Executive does not prevent the entity from undertaking such a strong restructuring of the workforce, especially given that the bank reserves the option of rejecting requests for voluntary affiliation to the ERE if it considers that the applicant is essential for the bank, as well as if the requests from those over 50 years of age exceed half of the total.

“Can’t vouch for it”

For their part, the UGT criticized in a statement that “a progressive government like the current one cannot endorse the dismissal of such a large number of workers and less in the criteria sought by the CaixaBank management, expelling from the labor market people with a horizon far from their retirement and with little possibility of reintegration into work ”.

Workers who, in addition, will find it difficult to reintegrate into the banking sector itself, which has been carrying out a large cut in workforce in recent years, the union denounces.

“The struggle and determination carried out in these years from the Government as well as from public organizations, for the protection of the labor market and in defense of the maintenance of salaried employment (granting aid, ERTE …), obliges, if only for consistency and given the participation in the capital stock of the entity, to a position in favor of minimizing the impact on employment and the lesser repercussion on the public coffers ”, they add.