Uber Eats launches a monthly rate with free shipping costs for 4.99 euros

With this type of initiative, the platform hopes to support catering, which in recent months has launched home delivery.

UBER Eats rider on the road making a delivery

Uber Eats has launched in Spain ‘Eats Pass’, its monthly subscription offering unlimited free shipping, as reported by the platform in a statement.

Users who subscribe will have free shipping costs for 4.99 euros per month in unlimited orders for a minimum value of 10 euros, without permanence and with the possibility of unsubscribing from the service at any time, as well as access to other promotions on the platform.

Uber Eats has specified that the subscription does not cover service costs, which represent 10% of the total amount and have a maximum limit of 3 euros per order.

The subscription service is active in several countries in the world, such as Chile, Costa Rica, Brazil, Mexico or South Africa, and has different modalities. On the one hand there is ‘Eats Pass’, and on the other, ‘Uber Pass’, which in addition to including free deliveries and discounts on Uber Eats, also offers unlimited benefits on Uber trips, with discounts on different products such as UberX, Comfort or Black.

“More and more people order food at home several times a week, and more and more restaurants find in the ‘delivery’ a new way of income. For all of them we launched Eats Pass, the Uber Eats subscription that already works in six countries in the world and that we are sure will also be a success in Spain ”, explained the spokesperson for Uber Eats in Spain, Yuri Fernández.

Restoration support

The ‘delivery’ platform has recalled that one of its main objectives is to help safeguard the activity of the sector as far as possible, as well as the income of thousands of restaurants for which the food delivery service accounts for a large part of their collection.

For it, the company has implemented a package of measures to support restaurants, with the aim of helping them go through a time as difficult as the present one.

In this way, restaurants have the ability to receive daily payments instead of weekly to improve cash flows. What’s more, the platform has eliminated the activation fee for new premises, which will be able to complete their registration on the platform and be ready to go in less than 48 hours.

Finally, Uber Eats has made an investment of two million euros in the months of November and December in a campaign to support local restaurants.