Urbas welcomes its new president with increases of more than 20%

Urbas shoots up 20.9% in the most cutting-edge crosses this Wednesday after learning that the board of directors of Urbas Grupo Financiero has unanimously appointed Juan Antonio Acedo Fernández as the new president. Investors enthusiastically welcome the replacement of Juan Antonio Ibáñez.

The new head of Urbas, who controls about 27% of the company’s capital through Quantium Venture SL, is a civil engineer and has been linked in his last professional stage with the group’s management. Until now, he held the position of vice president, according to the relevant fact sent by the listed company to the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV).

The construction company has explained that Acedo “is also endorsed by his experience within the board of directors of listed companies and companies that do not trade on the stock market.” He himself has been appointed as CEO with “all delegable powers, in accordance with the provisions of the law, the bylaws and these regulations, thus corresponding to the effective management of the company’s business”, specifies the note sent to supervisor.

“I want to express my gratitude to both the board of directors and the top shareholders for the trust they have placed in me to take on the challenge of guiding Urbas in this new stage, as well as for supporting the bright future that awaits the company” , Acedo Fernández highlighted in his first words after his appointment.

Despite the drastic rebound that the company achieved in some bars of the session, the rise barely translates into increases of 0.0009 euros per share as a result of the collapse that the company has suffered with the introduction of the new trading lows. by title on the Spanish stock market a few months ago.