Vithas creates a portable device that prevents the airborne transmission of Covid

Aerobox is already being used in the public hospitals La Paz and Central de la Defensa Gómez Ulla in Madrid

The Aerobox in use at the La Paz University Hospital in Madrid.

Vithas and the Vithas Foundation have developed a portable device, called Aerobox, which allows the individual isolation of a patient and minimizes the spread of airborne particles of any type of virus, including SARS-CoV-2, and bacteria.

Its effectiveness has been confirmed by qualification reports focused on particle measurement, which show that it is capable of removing at least 95% of droplets and aerosols. at 15 minutes that the device is fully operational.

Aerobox has been conceived for its application in the hospital setting (including field hospitals), although it is also indicated for use in nursing homes, the health industry, and biological protection, including the military.

The device has the CE marking for its commercialization and is already being used successfully in public hospitals La Paz and Defense Center Gómez Ulla of Madrid, as well as in various Vithas hospitals.

As explained by Dr. Ángel Ayuso, corporate scientific director of Vithas and managing director of the Vithas Foundation, Aerobox allows the Covid-19 patient to be treated safely in any space, so one of its potential advantages is that “relieve pressure on care”.