Yolanda Díaz sees the EREs of CaixaBank and BBVA as “worrying and unaffordable”

“It would also be good to look at those salaries, which sometimes we do not even know how much they receive,” he says about the salaries of bankers.

Yolanda Díaz, third vice president of Labor and Social Economy.

The third vice president of the Government and Minister of Labor and Social Economy, Yolanda Diaz, affirmed this Friday that the workforce adjustments announced by financial entities such as CaixaBank Y BBVA they are “worrying, unaffordable and incomprehensible.”

Díaz, in statements to Cadena SER, has indicated that he is aware that at least with regard to the ERE of CaixaBank, an entity in which the Government has a stake, the Executive “is working to mitigate” the announced adjustment, which affects almost 8,300 people.

The vice president explained that it was “foreseeable”, when the merger between CaixaBank and Bankia was announced, that there would be an employment adjustment, and wanted to remind financial institutions that “they are putting their reputation at risk”.

“The large financial entities have not availed themselves of temporary employment regulation files (ERTE) and therefore they have not received public money, but it is not understandable that in a crisis of these characteristics this mechanism is being used [ERE], which has other risks that affect consumers, such as the disappearance of bank branches ”, he pointed out.

Díaz has assured that, as in the middle of the crisis, he affirmed that the financial entities were up to the task, now he tells them that the announced staff adjustments “are not acceptable by society at this time.”


“Is a subject of quite substance and of course it is incomprehensible. We have more than 3.9 million unemployed people, people who are having a very bad time, small companies who are having a very bad time and this is not what we need. I ask that we come out of the crisis by contributing the best of ourselves, ”Díaz pointed out.

The third vice president has indicated that EREs announced in the bank have nothing to do with CovidRather, it comes from before and is related to the phenomenon of financial sector restructuring.

Asked if she agrees with the economic vice president Nadia Calvin On putting limitations on the salary of bankers, Díaz has pointed out that it is a debate of “great interest” because there is much talk about minimum wages and little about the salaries of the great managers of the bank.

“It is evident that there are figures in financial entities that are quite striking (…) It would also be good to look at those salaries, which sometimes we do not even know how much they receive“, has underlined.