Zity enters the financial sector with Bankinter and RCI and launches Besty

The company launches a credit card and a loan of up to 20,000 euros with balance bonuses to spend on Zity products.

Zity launches Besty, a carsharing company alliance with Bankinter Consumer Finance and RCI.

Zity enter the world of financial services. The company of carsharing has signed an agreement with Bankinter Consumer Finance, the financier of the bank managed by María Dolores Dancausa, and RCI Bank and Services España to sell financial and insurance products through an alliance called Besty.

The company of carsharingparticipated by Ferrovial Y Renault has decided to renew its commercial offer after having modified its statutes in order to equip itself with the capabilities to offer financial services alone or with third parties, as Invertia announced last month.

This decision comes at a time when the shared mobility sector seeks to fine-tune its business to find operating profitability, a challenge that the financial sector is also facing.

To take its first steps in the financial sector, the firm has decided to use two of the most profitable products: a credit card with option revolving and a consumer loan. Both products will offer the customer bonuses in the form of available balance to spend with their Zity account and can be requested from next Wednesday in the shared mobility service application.

The Besty credit card, which can be requested without changing banks, will allow users to receive a Zity balance for 15% of the purchases they make in the service, either for trips made or for the purchase of savings packs. As for the rest of the purchases made with the card, up to 2% of the amount will be translated into a Zity balance.

Final payment of the month or deferred

It is a card issued by Mastercard With payment option either at the end of the month (without interest) or deferred (with 18.36% NIR interest). Cash transfers and ATM withdrawals will have an interest of 18.36% TIN. In the case of exceeding the credit limit of the card, the commission will be 20 euros, to which would be added another 35 euros for claiming an overdue debit position.

The second of the products that Besty will launch, the personal loanIt can be requested from the Zity application for between 2,500 and 20,000 euros and with a return period of seven years. Customers who request it may add up to 100 euros to their balance, depending on the amount of the loan, which will have an interest of between 5.95% and 14.95% and an opening commission of 1.2%.

The company plans to expand this financial catalog in the coming months, likely at the end of this year, adding products and services from RCI Bank and Services Spain to the offer, such as Renault Bank products or insurance, which will also translate into balance bonuses.